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In our recommendations, we put fish on the 'avoid' list during their breeding months. Despite this, many of our calendar followers report that they have observed fish with large egg sacs in the months we marked them as 'preferred' choices.

This could be happening because some fish do not have specific breeding seasons and instead breed throughout the year. Whereas in some cases, changes in global climate might be leading to change in breeding patterns for these fish. (If you would like to know more about this, look at our FAQ section)


Having said this, one of the principal causes of these irregularities is the inadequacy of regular breeding data for many fish. Our recommendations rely heavily on published research. For fish that do not have enough published data or enough recently published data, the database does not always do a good job of informing seafood consumers about actual breeding periods.

As a seafood consumer, this is where you can help! We are launching a citizen science collaborative project that needs your support. 

If you have found eggs in fishes you have bought or caught, share your observations with us by filling in this google form. It will take you just a minute! If you want to report more than one species of fish with eggs, remember to fill in a separate form for each.

If you would like to see where your observations are being recorded and read observations contributed by other contributors, you can access our datasheet


More projects coming soon...

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