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Marine Education Portal

We have created this section of our website to empower more people with information and tools to initiate conversations about the ocean, responsible seafood and our collective role in safeguarding our oceans. If you are interested in introducing Know Your Fish into your community, organization or institution, we hope you find the resources available here useful!

We have put together a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to take Know Your Fish and the idea of responsible seafood and ocean conservation forward.

  1. Do go through the About Us section on our website carefully to understand our core philosophies and values. We request you adhere to our policies. 

  2. The Know Your Fish seafood calendar and recommendations must remain freely available to anyone who wishes to use them. This can be done by redirecting users to our website.

  3. The Know Your FIsh seafood calendar and recommendations must not be modified and must be shared as shown on our website.

  4. Our awareness presentation and accompanying scripts are templates to help you get started. We encourage you to create variations and adjustments depending on your comfort zone and target audience. 

  5. Do write to us at to let us know when you are going to conduct awareness (online or offline) sessions about Know Your Fish using the material on our website. 

  6. We would greatly appreciate photos, videos, comments and suggestions from any awareness sessions you conduct!

  7. Welcome aboard!

Translation of this page in regional languages are in progress and will be available soon.

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